Social Emotional Wellbeing Team

Men’s Health Program

The purpose of the Men’s Health program is to provide the necessary support to Yarrabah men that enables and empowers them to take their rightful role in the community. Social emotional support is the core function of our program. We also provide our clients support to access other health services, health education programs, and activities. 

We offer a number of activities throughout the year for men to participate in to support their social emotional wellbeing such as: Men’s Group health education sessions, Men’s Group Day Outings, Men’s Group Camp – Social Emotional Wellbeing, Family Wellbeing program, Adult Health Checks with a focus on Mo’vember Health Checks, Exercise and fitness, referrals and home visiting support, and participation in community events.

We also have a Dad’s & Kids activities running throughout the year to encourage the social bonding and interaction between fathers and their children.

Women’s Health Program

The purpose of the Women’s Health program is to provide support to females within Yarrabah in relation to social emotional issues. We also deliver preventative health education sessions and offer a number of activities for women to participate in to support them on their journey. For further information, contact the Women’s Health Coordinator at our clinic on 4226 4100.

BTH Program

The core objective for the Bringing Them Home Counsellor is to assess the needs of clients of the Stolen Generations, and to counsel and support them through issues of grief, loss and trauma resulting from their removal from families. Support is provided to these clients throughout the search, reunion and post reunion processes and appropriate referrals for them are made to other related or professional support services as required. The BTH Counsellor also promotes public awareness of this service.

Family Wellbeing Program

Family Wellbeing works with families that are looking to make their family strong and happy. To do this we sit with our clients to talk about what is working well with their family and what is not.  This way we can work out the type of support needed to change some of these things. We do not do crisis work (one off emergencies or emergency relief) because we aim to create long-term change with clients and we need to see them and their family every week. But, if you are already working with us then we may be able to help during emergencies….because we all have them from time to time until we learn how to manage them.

Our Family Wellbeing Office is at ___ Workshop Street, down next to the Pharmacy and we also meet with families in their home.  We meet with clients each week to work together on the things that they want to change. 

All personal information is kept confidential and we get written permission if you need to be referred to other organisation.

Life Promotion

The Life Promotion team provides social emotional wellbeing support to community members, at risk suicidal and self-harm clients, and their families. We refer clients to Queensland Health’s Mental Health Unit if necessary.

For clients referred to our services, we do regular home visits and provide ongoing support. We also participate in and support various community events/activities throughout the year to support people’s social emotional wellbeing.

For emergencies, call 000. 

Youth Wellbeing Cultural Rebound

The Youth Wellbeing Cultural Rebound program targets youths of Yarrabah aged 12-25 years old. We aim to increase the youth’s capacity to cope with peer related risk factors, through the introduction of appropriate suicide prevention strategies.

We have a focus on developing a strong sense of personal identity and purpose through cultural empowerment. Activities of this program are delivered outside of normal working hours to establish alternatives to partying, drugs and risk taking behaviours.

We have a male and female worker in this program working collaboratively with our youths. 

Parents Under Pressure program (PUP)

PuP stands for the Parents under Pressure Support Program. This program aims to help families and parents under pressure and stress. Families and parents like us. We have a qualified local woman employed with us who is trained and supervised by the professionals that designed the parenting program. For further enquiries about the program or to make an appointment with our PUP worker, contact our clinic on 4226 4100.

Educator and Mentor 

Our Social and Emotional Well Being (SEWB) staff have access to a senior social worker who helps them to build upon their knowledge and skills. The Educator supervises their work with clients to make sure you are getting the very best skill and knowledge that you can get. Our Educator sits at our Bukki Road address and you will often see her at programs delivered by our SEWB staff.

Grief and Loss Program

The Grief and Loss program was set up to support families going through sorry business. Our Social Emotional Wellbeing team works collectively to provide social emotional support those affected by grief and loss and will give in-kind support of refreshments at family gatherings.