Rites of passage

The project will develop and deliver a purpose-built Rites of Passage program for the Yarrabah community.

Guided by a model developed on the Fraser Coast by the Butchulla Men’s Business Aboriginal Assoc. Babb_Wan_Info_Final.pdf (macorp.org.au) and The Rites of Passage Institute The Rites of Passage (ritesofpassageinstitute.org)   the program will rebuild connections and practices within Aboriginal culture of sharing, learning and connecting.

How will your project strengthen culture and identity?

The program will provide pathways to regain cultural practice allowing the participants to re-establish vital relationships within their family and community, thus giving back those practices that were taken from them through colonisation.

How will Rites of Passage help reduce domestic family violence (DFV) in the Yarrabah community?
By giving back purpose, responsibility and ownership of cultural knowledge and practice, participants then have the tools to navigate through life and living in two cultures with support networks around them.

How will Rites of Passage help support people experiencing DFV?
When people are provided with a meaningful purpose in life it reduces the room for boredom, frustration and lack of tools to make healthy and productive choices for themselves and their families.  This program has the capacity to develop strong networks built on the foundations of cultural hierarchy and responsibility, something that is lacking in many communities.

How will Rites of Passage  help reduce DFV reoffending?  
The project supports men and women to develop and access support mechanisms within their own family group, community and from organisations and service providers.  This network can have the capacity to influence behaviours of people and thus leading to positive choices.