Stay Safe from COVID-19 in Far North Queensland

Gurriny encourages all Yarrabah community to follow the updated advice on COVID-19 issued through social media and the government web links below.

Find the latest QUEENSLAND HEALTH COVID-19 update here.

GET TESTED: If you they have any of the symptoms below get tested for COVID-19 at Yarrabah Emergency Department and do your best to isolate while waiting for test results.

Stay up to date with the latest coronavirus pandemic information from the Australian and Queensland Governments

A message from Dr Jason King
Chief Medical Officer

2020 has seen unprecedented challenges to the delivery of Primary Care in Yarrabah. The emergence of COVID-19 and the efforts of the community to deal with its lingering presence has been a steep learning curve for all involved. 

I would like to acknowledge the fantastic response from the community and hard work of the Gurriny staff in these most challenging of times continuing to protect the community and working with us to keep everyone safe. The COVID-19 situation is something no living person has had to negotiate before and continues to provide challenges in providing quality, comprehensive, culturally safe primary care to the people of Yarrabah. With these challenges came great opportunity to rise to such an occasion, listen to the community, advocate for their needs and find innovative solutions for what lies ahead. 

Thank you Yarrabah.

The Yarrabah Community Dashboard (pictured above) is managed by Yarrabah Shire Council and displays up-to-date information on emergency situations all Yarrabah community and workers in the community should be aware of.

The dashboard includes:

  • Emergency news
  • Road conditions
  • Weather warnings
  • Power outages
  • School closures
  • BoM Radar
  • And social media links to all the essential services communicating in a disaster or crisis. 

Add the link to your favourites or shortcuts now to access the dashboard in an emergency.

Gurriny continues to encourage the Yarrabah community to protect its mob by observing social distancing and practicing good hygiene.