Child & Maternal Health Team

Child Health Team

Our children are the future of Yarrabah, and we at Gurriny believe in growing a strong and healthy generation. To do that our Child health team provides services and programs for children 0 to 12 years old.

We primarily immunise children 0 to 5 years for their 2 months, 4 months, 6 months, 12 months, 18 months, and 4 year old jabs. Catch up vaccines for older children/adolescents between 13-19 years are available as well. For more information, speak with our Child Health nurse.

Annual flu vaccines can be given to children from 6 months to 15 years old. This is usually available from March each year.

We conduct health checks for children to ensure that our children are growing as healthy as possible. Our children need the best start in life, therefore we have developed supporting programs for children and their families to become involved in.

The Nephritis prevention program aims to prevent skin sores that could lead to chronic kidney failure in later life. “No more sore” packs and education are given to parents with children who have sores. A sore treatment program is run twice a week at the local primary school. The Indigenous Health Workers assess and treat skin sores, and refer to the doctor if the sores are infected for further treatment and follow up.

The Dental program aims to create awareness of dental health and supports children to adopt good dental hygiene behaviours and practices. Children at the local primary school from Pre-prep to Year 4 receive a toothbrush and paste to get them started. The teachers supervise brushing daily in the classroom. A dental service is provided by Queensland Health at our clinic on Bukki Road. Clients are encouraged to use and book with this service by calling 1300 300 850.

The Books for Babies program is about early learning and encouraging parents with babies and toddlers to read to them daily. Books are offered to the parents to get them started.

For further information about our Child Health services and programs, please speak with our child health nurse or Indigenous health worker.

Maternal Health Team

Healthy pregnancy – healthy bub. Feel strong and confident.

Services we offer:

  • Pre-pregnancy care: If you are planning to fall pregnant, you can come in and chat to our Midwife and plan for the healthiest start for your bub.
  • Pregnancy tests:  If you think you might be pregnant, make an appointment with the midwife to find out. She can also order your blood tests and ultrasounds.
  • Antenatal care: at this visit we ensure bub is growing, and that you are healthy in your pregnancy. We will talk about how your body is changing and how bub is growing.
  • Childbirth education and hospital tour: If this is your first bub, you will be offered a visit to the birthing area in the hospital to see what it is like. We want you to feel confident, prepared and strong for your labour and birth.
  • Postnatal care: Once your bub is born and you come home, things like breastfeeding and getting enough sleep can be difficult. We will be here to support and help, and are happy to see you at home, at the clinic or in the community.  We have hospital grade breast pumps for you to borrow.
  • Baby checks: We will check to see your bubba is gaining weight and growing strong until 6 weeks of age. From 8 weeks bub will continue immunisations and checks with the Child Health Team.
  • Contraception and pap smears: Our team is happy to discuss how you can space pregnancies using contraception with methods such as the Depo needle, the bar (Implanon), pills and the Merina. You can get contraception and a pap smear at any of these visits.
  • Access to specialist care through the Queensland Health Women’s Health Doctors.
How can you see the team?

  • Phone us on 42264130/ 42264162 and book an appointment that suits you.
  • Walk in: walk in clients are accepted, however waiting times vary.

We welcome partners, family or friends to every visit and are happy to conduct your care in the clinic, at home or in the community. Chat to us about what works for you.