Chairperson's Report

Chairperson’s Report: Lee Yeatman

I write this report for the first time as the Chairperson after serving as a director for a number of years. Being the Chairperson, can be a challenging task but also rewarding and I want to thank my fellow directors in electing and supporting me in the role of Chairperson. I want to also thank the outgoing Chairperson Mrs Sandra Houghton, who has held the role for over three years and has made it easy for me to step into this position and take over. Governing the organisation is our primary role, it is important for any organisation to make sure the governance platform is strong for an organisation such as Gurriny to strive and deliver the best health outcomes for the community of Yarrabah. 

This year saw Gurriny come of age, we celebrated 25 years as a health organisation, firstly starting off a celebration with community in Yarrabah and a formal gala dinner early this year. 

We have had a couple of new directors join the board and it is always refreshing to have new people to throw fresh eyes and perceptive on the organisations governance. The Board continues to have governance training each year, as it is critical for all the board to have professional development to refresh us with new knowledge and skills to effectively govern. An important role as Board of Directors, is to review the strategic plan to make sure it is still relevant to core business, but also to make sure we are on track with our deliverables and vision. 

I can confirm that Gurriny is leading the way as a community control health service in achieving or meeting national health key performance indicators against targeted date. We are now three years on since the transition of services from Queensland Health to Gurriny and I am proud to lead this organisation and its achievements as it continues to go from strength to strength. 

Our achievements to date include extended hours (no longer closed during lunchtime and an expansion of our primary health care service, which now offers:

  • speech pathology service
  • three additional staff for child health program to expand the service
  • family wellbeing services (intensive family support) 

We have also been granted a funding submission to evaluate the transition and for a community hub to support homelessness in Yarrabah. 

Once again, Gurriny held its bi-annual members meeting in July. It is important for members to attend these meeting so you can be actively engaged with the service and have a great say in how we deliver health to our community. 

Where to from here:

  • Development of a workforce strategy
  • Capital and infrastructure growth (upgrade of outreach clinic on Workshop Street)
  • Exploring extended hours (4:30pm to 8:00pm)
  • Acquiring existing accommodation from Cairns Hospital

I want to acknowledge the CEO, senior management & staff for their commitment and dedication in their jobs, because without them Gurriny would not be this thriving organisation.