The best possible outcome for a delayed Close the Gap Day in Yarrabah was several people starting to ask questions about their own health, Health Promotion Officer Alicia (Dixie) Hari says.

“Closing the Gap Day is all about healthy lifestyle choices, and we were encouraging people to have their health

checked out,” she said.

“We also had a handful of chronic disease clients come through for their three-monthly review, so people are starting to take control of their health.

“They’re coming back for results and it shows that they actually care about their health and wellbeing, I think it’s a positive thing that they are asking questions.”

Health Check Worker Nanette Sands agreed it was encouraging to have people asking questions.

“Some of them came in wanting to know about their blood pressure, why it was high, so we explained the systolic and well as the diastolic.

“It was good when we started to get questions like that because it indicates people are starting to take an interest in their own health and care for themselves.” Dixie said they also had Playgroup there during the day as well as Easter activities for the kids including a jumping castle.