The Health Promotion Team is Childcare Links Coordinator Christella Flanders; Health Promotion Officer Alicia (Dixie) Hari; Media and Public Relations Officer David Baird; Project Officer for the fledgling Committee for Children Gillian Bann, Chronic Disease Medical Receptionist Lynese Hari and on leave at the moment is Healthy Lifestyle and Activities Officer Lucretia Willett.

The Health Promotion Team:

  • runs Healthy Lifestyles Programs for all members of the community to participate in;
  • Playgroup for children 0-4-years-old;
  • health promotions within the community on different health conditions and hosting events such as
  • Under-8s and Sugar Baby Day; and,

  • a gym at Workshop Street which is open for clients to use.
  • Project Officer for Yarrabah’s Committee for Children Gillian Bann said this new project was funded

    by Mission Australia and was aimed at bringing together a reference group under Gurriny’s umbrella.

    “We’re still in the early stages of establishing our terms of reference but what we hope to do is

    bring together coordinated solutions for children and families who have health and wellbeing issues,”

    she said.

    “Every program funded by Mission Australia will be on board, so that includes things from the

    Healthy Hearts Program to the Dad’s Playgroup to the School’s breakfast program.

    “The committee will oversee those programs and work together.”