The Childcare Links Program within Gurriny Yealamucka Health Services is designed to link parents and carers and their children ages 0-5 years into services that support their over health and wellbeing.

The program provides a number of activities each year for clients to engage in such as Playgroup, Books for Babies, Dental health awareness, child health checks, and skin sore awareness.

Our Playgroup has been the core of engagement and support. Stemming on from our clinical services within Gurriny, we conduct home visits and deliver referrals to clients. We support young and/or new disengaged mothers/fathers and provide them information around services available to them. Child health promotion is our focus. We engage in community events and host the annual Child Expo, White Balloon Day and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children’s Day in Yarrabah. These events are designed child friendly and family focused.


Day and Time: Every Wednesday 10am-12pm

Venue: SEWB on Workshop Street