Women's Health

The Muchum-Tiddas “Yarn-em-up” Binan Yanal Knowal (Women’s Health Program) has been part of Gurriny Yealamucka Health Service for many years. Our main core business is the Family Wellbeing Program, a social health program, which focuses on empowerment, personal development and leadership.


It teaches participants life skills to be used daily within family, work and community life. In the Family Wellbeing sessions we facilitate the sharing and discussions of stories, relationships and goal setting. 

The Women’s Health program with Gurriny Yealamucka Health Services offers the following activities throughout the year for women to participate in.

  • Cultural activities- camps, fishing, outings at the beach, arts and craft
  • Movie nights
  • Barbeques 
  • Young girls group
  • Grooming and deportment
  • Family Wellbeing program
  • Participation in Special Events such as NAIDOC Week, Foundation Day, Child Protection Week, and National Youth Week. 

Women’s Health section networks with Yarrabah community organisations such as Gindaja and Yarrabah Aboriginal Corporation for Women, and other government and non-government organisations either directly or through attendance at conferences around social emotional health and wellbeing. We also work with other sections within Gurriny Yealamucka Health Services such as Life Promotion, Men’s group, the Bringing them Home Counsellor, and Healthy Lifestyle Officer to offer specific activities, health education and awareness to women in Yarrabah.